Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big Book Fun!!!

John Adams

I will admit, that initially I read John Adams by David McCullough for silly reasons.  I wanted to watch the series on DVD, and it bugs me to watch something based on a book without having read the book.  Also, it's over 650 pages, so I have now read 3 books of more than 450 pages this year.  I am only 2 away from my goal of five!!!  The point is that I wasn't excited about reading this book...but I should have been.

I have to be honest, I rate nonfiction books against other nonfiction books, simply because I am not as interested.  I don't get as lost inside of them as I do fiction books.  Please bear that in mind when comparing this to other books I have rated. Moving on...

The best part about this book was learning the personal relationships that occurred between our founding fathers.  When I think of the American Revolution, I think of these great men who came together to fight against and stand up to tyranny.  In truth, the revolutionaries were a group of flawed individuals who rarely agreed on anything (sound familiar?).

Between disease, poverty, and war, the country was extremely lucky to come out the revolution with independence.  Once gaining independence, the country was lucky to come out of the drafting session with any semblance of a working constitution.  Egos, power struggles, and personal agendas nearly destroyed what would become the most unique republic ever created. 

David McCullough's book explains these struggles in beautiful detail, all while telling Adam's personal journey.  After finishing the book, the reader understands how difficult John Adam's life must have been, not only for him but also for his family.  Independence came at a price.


  1. Sounds like just the perfect book for History fans. Nice review.

  2. It really is!!! I just started the DVDs so I might do a comparison review when I am done!

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  4. Hi Amy....I saw your post on Book Blogs...welcome and I hope you enjoy it. I am following you through GFC as Lucyatmax and I hope you will reciprocate the follow to my blog at http://bethartfromtheheart.blogspot.com/

    Any and all followers are welcome...trying to reach the first hundred. Love the colors on your blog!


    1. Hey!!! Thanks for the follow, I checked out your blog too!

      Do you have a Booket list?

  5. This does sound very interesting, Amy! I also see that it has won a number of literary awards. Probably too advanced for my kids, but would be good for me!

    New follower!

    1. I think you will really enjoy it! I did! They made the book into a miniseries that won muliple emmy's and golden globes. They could watch the DVDs.


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