Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Sorry about the Tuesday Weekend Wrap-up, but I post-poned my normal edition since my weekend was long! Yay for Memorial Day!  Having said that, let's get this round-up started...

Books I finished...

So this will be a weird section, because I had to stop reading a book without having finished it.  If you read my earlier posts, you would know that I had to stop reading Sacrilege, by S.J. Parris.  Now that I know there are two other books in the series, I have begun collecting them.  So, after 100 pages, I am pausing that book until I finish the other two.

On to the book I legitimately started and finished this weekend. I can say this that I am hanging my head in shame for not starting this series sooner.  I started and finished City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare, this weekend.  I will definitely be posting a review on that one.  I would like to pose a question to readers, especially those who have read Cassandra Clare's other books.  Is anyone else noticing character similarities?  We shall see...

Books I started...

I have started reading The Flower Bowl Spell, by Olivia Boler.  As a preview for everyones, check back in on June 15 & 16.  I will be posting a review of the The Flower Bowl Spell and the author will be doing a guest post!!!!

On tap for this week...

The Flower Bowl Spell
City of Ashes


  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment on my blog :-) Yes, I do love being a copy editor and working in Italy. I worked in the US for three years in the past, and that's when I became obsessed with American iterature and books so much. So I made it back here and looked for a job in publishing. But I so much miss the US now. Hopefully I'll move back there soon.
    Your blog is so cute. Let's keep in touch.

  2. Hey Amy,

    I saw your comment on my post and responded. Yes I have seen similarities in the Clare characters.

  3. omgg The Mortal Instruments series is like my favourite series everrrr!! Love it so much! Just ordered a copy of Clockwork Angel too :)


  4. I really have to get on that Mortal Instruments train. LOL.

    Hi! Got here from Book Blogs! Thanks for the warm welcome. Following you now. :)

    White Sky Project

    1. Well check back because next month I will be giving away the first book in the mortal instruments series for free.

  5. Dear Amy! Thank you so much for the comment at BookBlogs! I love your blog, and I am now following you :)

    1. You are welcome! Don't forget to send me your site so that I can check it out.


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