Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watching Julie & Julia

I was watching Julie and Julia tonight (love this movie!!!), and I got to thinking about blogging.  In Julie & Julia, she blogs her experiences and her feelings.  I guess in a way, we do that, but I am noticing a distinct lack of feelings in my blogging lately.  I think it is because so much has been going on in my crazy life right now, that blogging isn't as important.  Well, it's important, I'm just not putting myself into it.

So here we go.  This is what is going on in my life.

I will be 28 years old in November.  I am married, with no kids, but the cutest dog.  I think that fact that I don't have kids has made my dog develop separation anxiety.  We are working on it, but honestly, it's about the cutest thing.  For those who care, here are some pictures of Sloopy, as in Hang on Sloopy, as in the song from The Ohio State University:

Right now, I am reading a ton, especially audio books.  I can't seem to get inspired to review a ton. I am also excited to redesign my blog, which I am hoping will inspire me!  I am using Imagination Designs to build the new blog.  Any ideas or suggestions?

Enough sharing for now, but I would love to hear some of your life!!!


  1. I have nominated you for One lovely blog award..You can check here for details.

  2. Cute pooch Amy :) Good luck with the new design. I've just started the process as well, with Once Upon a Blog. I'm excited about it. I can't do it myself because I don't have a clue!
    The Relentless Reader

    1. he is well aware that he is cute! He uses it all of the time!!!


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