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Holiday Traditions

Please welcome Lisa Maliga, author of Out of the Blue, to my blog!  I have been asking people to tell me about their holiday traditions, since I am getting into the holiday spirit.  Check out her ideas and her book below!

"Favorite Holiday Traditions"
By Lisa Maliga

Thank you to Amy who is such a book-fan that she incorporates the word into her blog's name! I appreciate the question about holiday traditions and when I think of holidays, due to this being November, I naturally think of the two biggies that are just around that corner.
Thanksgiving is always a day of eating turkey, dressing and gravy, and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. As a child, I loved being able to get up early and not have to go to school but to switch on the TV and watch my favorite parade. Years later, I was able to watch the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which was held the Sunday after Thanksgiving. My first Christmas in L.A. I was eager to stand on the Walk of Fame, can't remember whose stars I was hanging around, and seeing a big parade live and in person. It was a lot different than watching it on TV. In addition, the weather was mild and I only wore a lightweight jacket.  Along with my favorite main course of turkey, I always love to drink eggnog [non-alcoholic], and hopefully there's a lot of cinnamon on top along with a dollop of whipped cream.

One childhood Christmas tradition that started when I was young and continued until I was in my late-teens was the Christmas Card Clothesline. My creative Mom loved decorating the house and, of course, the tree. But she came up with this special idea as a way to display all the Christmas cards we received. It was a special clothesline in that she'd gone to the fabric store, one of her favorite hangouts, and bought several yards of silver and gold cord. Then she strung them up in the corner nearest the Christmas tree. There were at least three or four rows, alternating colors of shiny silver and gold cords. Then came the tiny Christmas clothespins, which were red and green plastic, or wood with painted on pictures of holly, wreaths, stockings, snowmen, Christmas trees, mistletoe, skates, gifts, etc. I remember admiring my Mom's artwork, as she used little brushes because these clothespins were maybe an inch or two tall. So she hung the cards on the cords and some were held with one clothespin and others required two. The cards were all different, and even if they came from the local realtor or the newspaper delivery person, they reminded us of how nice it was to receive the gift of a Christmas greeting card.


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Author Bio:
Lisa Maliga has been writing ever since she learned how to put crayon to paper back in kindergarten. Since then, she has learned to type and uses a laptop, citing it as way more convenient.
A fan of taking digital photos, you will find some of them on her website and in her nonfiction books. The masthead is a shot of the Pacific Ocean taken at sundown. Variations of this photo are seen on the covers of North of Sunset and her short story collection, South of Sunset. As an avid squirrel-watcher, all photos in Squirrels in the Hood were taken by the author.
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