Thursday, November 1, 2012

How Do You Read?

I was talking to a friend, discussing which books I read and which I don't, and it made me wonder...does everyone do it like this?

Here's my policy on reading a book.  I try not to discriminate against any books, but sometimes I can't help myself.  So there are certain factors that go into my decision about whether or not to read a book.

  1. Do I know the author?  Obviously, if I have read him/her before, I'm more likely to read their books.  That is, unless, I hated the book I read, then I run away!
  2. The cover.  This is a trait that I don't like about myself, but what can I do?  If the cover looks intriguing, then I am more likely to give the book a shot.  It's a fact of life that I can't do anything about!!!  I will say, though, that I have trained myself not to pass on a book simple because the cover is bad - especially when the title or author is good!!!
  3. The synopsis.  Here is where the big debate happens.  Do you read the synopsis on the back or inside cover?  Some people absolutely refuse, and I understand that.  I hate knowing what's going to happen, it just takes some of the fun out of it for me.  On the other hand, it's nearly impossible not to read the synopsis sometimes.  If the title is ambiguous, the cover is questionable, and the author is unknown, how can a person spend good money on the book without at least checking if its appealing.   In these situations, I have a rule.  I will read the first paragraph of the synopsis.  If I'm not interested to read the rest of the summary, then chances are, I won't be interested in reading the book.

Is this weird? Am I the only person who has rules or follows a process when choosing a book?  I would love to know that I am not crazy!!!


  1. Don't worry, I do the exact same thing!

    1. I'll most likely lean towards an author that I've read if I'm looking for a new book to read. (I started reading "The Time Keeper" because I have read three other Mitch Albom books. He is great!)
    2. I always judge a book by it's cover. (The only reason I picked up "Fallen" by Lauren Kate and "Fairest of All" by Serena Valentino was because of the intriguing book cover.)
    3. The Synopsis is the most important part! If the synopsis does not leave you wanting more then that book is not for you.

    So, rest assured you're not crazy. I'm sure most avid readers have their own ways of selecting books to read. Some may do all three steps; others will use "Recommended For You" links if they have Kindles or E-Readers. It honestly depends on what works best for you as a reader.

    1. It's just funny how i feel about picking new books! Honestly, as I am reading the synopsis, I feel like I breaking the law or something!


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