Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Organizing the TBR

Every once in a while, I like to do a post about the  joys and challenges of being a book lover.  This time I want to talk about the TBR (to be read) pile.  That sometimes overwhelming pile of books that can insight anticipation or dread depending on exactly how big and close to falling over the stack gets.  I  know when I hear a crash from the vicinity of my library, gravity has worked its magic and its time to reduce that pile before my husband finds it.

Anyway, I would like to ask a question about TBR organization.  Currently, my TBR pile is in shambles.  It's no longer an actual pile, but more a mental state of being.  I know I have books, I know I need to read them, but then something shiny (or a new release) catches my eye and the hierarchy of the TBR goes out the window.  Then, inevitably, I feel guilty about skipping other books, though I can't remember which ones I have skipped, since there is no pile.

My question for all of you is, how do you organize the books you want to read?  Do you keep a list online?  Do you keep a physical pile?  Are you so organized that you have a dedicated shelf?  I would love some insights and suggestions!


  1. I have four piles in my bedroom that constitute the TBR zone haha! But every now and again I go through them as pick which ones take my fancy then put them on a TBR shelf to work through :)

    1. To your way of thinking, I have book zones in every room of the house. Even in the kitchen I have a cookbook zone! Maybe I have a problem... ;)


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