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ARC Review: Low Country Hero

ABL Review At-A-Glance

Ø    Title: Low Country Hero
Ø    My Rating: 4.5
Ø    Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance, Suspense
Ø    Author:  Lee Tobin McClain
Ø    Format:  Paperback ARC*
Ø    Publication Date:  February 26th, 2019

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Goodreads Synopsis

Welcome to Safe Haven, where love--and a second chance--is just around the corner...

Sunny, carefree days splashing in the ocean--it's the life Anna George has always wanted for her five-year-old twins. And now that they've made it to Safe Haven, South Carolina, she won't let anyone stand in her way. Not the abusive ex she's just escaped and not the rugged contractor who caught her setting up house in the shuttered beachfront cabins he's refurbishing. When he offers Anna and her daughters a place to stay in exchange for her help with renovations, she's tempted. His gentle way with her girls makes her want to trust him, but she's been wrong before...

A family is the last thing contractor and former military man Sean O'Dwyer wants right now. But when he discovers Anna and her girls, he recognizes kindred spirits. They're survivors who've seen the worst of people, just like he has, and he'll do anything he can to help them. As he and Anna spend their days bringing the cottages back to life and their nights sharing kisses in the warm bayou breezes, Sean must choose between the life he always wanted and the family he can't live without.

My Thoughts...

Wouldn’t it be nice if a place named Safe Haven really existed?  A place literally designed to shelter s from our particular burdens and filled with mostly kind hearted people with good intentions.  Somewhere that refuge is offered to those in need of a clean slate to start over.

Safe Haven, both the book and the town, seemed to me to be a metaphor for our relationship with God.  God is there to take us in, protect us, and help us, if only we accept His guidance and place our trust in Him.  But just like Anna, we can’t understand that sort of unconditional love, so we doubt Him and reject Him.  We try to take on the world by ourselves, only to realize, over and over again, that we can’t.  Like Anna resists and becomes skeptical of the help offered by those in Safe Haven, we are distrust God.

I’m purposefully drawing my metaphor from the idea of the town itself, and not from the people within.  The people of Safe Haven disrupt its purpose much like man did on earth, following their own fears and selfish desires, creating imperfections in God’s sanctuary.  However, the real beauty of this story are the flaws.  The people are wonderful, but also imperfect.  There are no one dimensional characters here.

The suspense in this novel is real and the mysteries abound.  Paced very well and sometimes shocking, Lee Tobin McClain doesn’t pull any emotional punches. Safe Haven is part one of a series, and given the ending of this installment, I am impatient to read #2. 

* Special thanks to Lee Tobin McClain, HQN, and TLC Book Tours for providing a copy of Low Country Hero in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I'm a fan of romance but this kind of romance is an indulgence for me on the weekends when I have time to just sit and do nothing but read. I love the comparison of Colleen Coble because she's really great so that already tells me this is a good one. Thanks for being on the tour!

    Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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